Top 7 Ideas for Headboard Walls From Spring 2022 Bedrooms

Transforming the wall behind your bed right into an attribute wall is an excellent means to add visual pizzazz to your bedroom.

Adding a strong paint shade is one typical technique, but if you’re wanting to actually improve your area, let these seven headboard wall ideas from trending bedroom photos motivate you.

1. Paneled Excellence

Paneled Perfection
Wendy Mauro Design

A bed wall with a peaked ceiling is a big area to cover with paint, wallpaper, or art. The designers added custom paneling that presents deepness and structure to the wall.

2. Wallpaper Wonder

Wallpaper Wonder
Studio HB

If you want to make a dramatic statement on the wall behind your bed, take a cue from this New York City bedroom designed by Studio HB.

The layout team covered the entire bed wall in a charcoal-hued hemp wallpaper that aesthetically supports the area.

3. Haute Upholstery

Haute Upholstery
Viv & Leone

There’s no regulation that states a headboard can’t be larger than the bed.

The style team at Viv & Leone added a personalized upholstered headboard that covers the bed wall from end to end in this stylish San Diego bedroom.

4. Tall and also Tufted

Tall and Tufted
Emma Tutill Ltd

If a vertical headboard is much more your design, why not take it all the means as much as the ceiling?

The design team at Emma Tutill developed a personalized tufted headboard that runs up to the ceiling in this bedroom in Essex, England. The tufted sofa and also the foot of the bed enhances the headboard.

5. Climatic Wallpaper

Atmospheric Wallpaper
Kathy Kuo Designs Inc

The customized white shutters in this New York city coastline residence assist the proprietors to control the light coming into space, yet the bed wall covered in a climatic wallpaper includes a bright, blue sky inside all day.

Kathy Kuo Styles produced this comforting area.

6. Stylish Stripe

Stylish Stripe
Юлия Каманина

Sometimes all it takes is a well-positioned red stripe to separate a wall and also include a stylish visual note.

This Moscow bedroom designed by Julia Kamamina includes a thick straight strip of gray paint above the bed that changes the space from easy to marvelous.

7. Gathered Display

Collected Display
Danielle Rose Design Co.

If you have a treasured collection, take into consideration showing it on the bed wall.

The collection of boho posh woven plates hung by the group at Danielle Rose Design stands out against the dark blue history in this New York bedroom.

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