Bathroom Lighting Ideas (6)

15 Show-Stopping Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Bathroom Lighting Ideas – It’s all too easy to fall into a safe decorating trap when it comes to choosing lighting, but rather than just focusing on the practical aspect of illumination for everyday bathroom tasks, make your light fittings a decorative accessory or a central feature in their own right.

Take inspiration from the effect of these gorgeous lights and get creative and bold with your choices.

1. Add delightful detail

Bathroom Lighting Ideas (1)

Oversize wall-mounted Anemone lights by Robert Abbey form a delicate feature that draws the eye in this crisp, neutral bathroom.

Similar lights with a fine or feathery design can add a sense of fun and delicate beauty to your space. Try groupings of two or three for a whimsical effect.

2. Double the fun

Bathroom Lighting Ideas (2)
Dean Herald-Rolling Stone Landscapes

Two light sources placed in this outdoor Aussie bathroom add visual interest.

For a similar look, use woven candleholders to add texture and create a feeling of intimacy, and position an underfloor spotlight to show off the beautiful cascade of water from the showerhead to the bath.

3. Splash colour around

Bathroom Lighting Ideas (3)
Minosa | Design Life Better

Suit your every mood with coloured lights beamed on white surfaces like in this stunning Sydney bathroom where the choices range from purple to red, green and blue.

Conceal the fittings and wires to keep the effect even more spectacular and ethereal.

4. Individualise built-in shelves

Bathroom Lighting Ideas (4)
holger hoos design

Illuminated niches add splashes of brilliant colour to the bathroom wall.

Try different coloured dimmable halogen bulbs if you’re feeling adventurous, or stick to one colour if you have a monochromatic colour scheme.

5. Include sparkle

Bathroom Lighting Ideas (5)
Aria Design Inc

Paint the town and all that jazz with a gorgeous feature panel like this glam one that’s made from a recycled, melted down aluminium product that a designer cleverly backlit to showcase the product’s unique tactile quality.

Use it in conjunction with overhead or wall-mounted lighting.

6. Try a floating design

Bathroom Lighting Ideas (6)

Drape a dreamy, freeform bubble-inspired light from the ceiling for an unexpected flourish that adds light and texture to space and may sway pleasantly in soft breezes.

7. Go minimal

Bathroom Lighting Ideas (7)

Add a soft glow to a dark bathroom with a pair of funky naked lightbulbs.

Choose an out-of-the-way position so they won’t interfere with your use of the mirror.

8. Establish elegance

Bathroom Lighting Ideas (8)

For a sense of grandeur it’s hard to go past a chandelier, and why restrict their use to formal spaces, such as dining rooms, when you can dress up a bathroom with one?

Throw in some charming wall sconces and you have a room that’s fit for a princess.

9. Combine strong and subtle sources

Bathroom Lighting Ideas (9)
DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL

This space makes clever use of overt and covert lighting sources.

Place wall-mounted fixtures in the centre of a recessed mirror lined with LED strips to provide task lighting, and use softer lights behind a tiled wall to add ambience and prevent glare.

10. Experiment with arrangements

Bathroom Lighting Ideas (10)
Minosa | Design Life Better

Try something a little different by making a feature out of lighting elements with a row of funky circular fixtures for a cool glow.

Check out your local light fitting supplier to see what’s new and try vertical, horizontal or even diagonal placements.

11. Place lights strategically

Bathroom Lighting Ideas (11)
Horizon – Residential & Commercial Builders

Install spotlights or tweak adjustable downlights to focus on the areas of the bathroom you wish to highlight, such as the vanity, display shelf or a feature wall, keeping other less-attractive areas more subdued.

12. Go for glow

Bathroom Lighting Ideas (12)
Sareen Stone Pty Ltd

For classy appeal, it’s hard to go past the subtle beauty of slender LED lighting strips incorporated into a new benchtop.

13. Pare it back

Bathroom Lighting Ideas (13)
dSPACE Studio Ltd, AIA

If you’re a fan of the stripped-back look you might just be surprised at the effect of an Industrial-inspired fitting such as this Nobel Small Pendant Light from YLighting.

Choose a frosted finish to add a soft diffused light to a room.

14. Pick a statement piece

Bathroom Lighting Ideas (14)
Peter A. Sellar – Architectural Photographer

Glass or stained-glass light fittings don’t have to follow traditional choices for colours and shapes.

Keep an eye out for unusual sculptural forms, such as stars, that will take pride of place in your bathroom by complementing or contrasting with the existing decor.

15. Add unexpected shapes

Bathroom Lighting Ideas (15)
Rockridge Fine Homes

Give your bathroom an angelic touch with the inclusion of a circular light like this beauty which seems to float in mid-air due to its clever structure with slender supports, creating a halo effect.

Source: houzz.com.au/magazine

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