About Us

Both of us have a Christian background, and were raised to go to church, and taught the ways of God, having faith, and Christian living. But, in 2013 we went from religion to a relationship with God.

We started attending the Wesleyan Church, and found that we were developing a relationship with God rather than following the traditions and rituals a particular church. This is a relationship which has given us new hope, has brought us peace, and has changed our perspective on life.

We can’t seem to learn enough. We started reading a variety of Christian books, attending classes; truly our life is changing. There is so much we don’t know, so reading continues to be a major part of our life.

Besides reading God’s word, the Bible, we also read many books written by authors who have studied, experienced and lived the life God wants us to live.

We are excited to share what we have found and to include you in our ongoing journey with God. If what we have learned helps one person develop a relationship with God then the work involved in developing, and maintaining this website is worthwhile. We believe God is calling us to share what we have learned.

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May God bless you,