12 Extreme Interior Designs

“You have to risk going too far to discover just how far you can really go.” — T.S. Eliot

When it comes to home décor, this sentiment certainly rings true. Going large scale at home can be very intimidating. However, you will never know if it will work if you don’t take a risk. The benefit of making a big bold design move is that your space will thrill and amaze.

The potential pitfall of going too far is that you may have to pay a little extra for the demolition or an extra gallon of Kilz. At least you’ll know where the line is for future reference.

Here’s a look at some brazen designs; in each example, one fearless big move created a room that wows.

Inspiration for a bathroom remodel in Other
Elad Gonen

An over-the-floor and up-to-the-ceiling tribal design make using this powder room a unique experience. It even camouflages the commode. A powder room is a perfect spot for making a bold statement; it’s closed off from the rest of the house and can be a fun surprise.

Interior Designs

Belgian artist Charline Lancel creates large-scale artwork that commands attention and makes us take a second, third, and fourth look. This particular piece uses the Diasec process; the artwork is bonded to Plexiglas.

Mountain style family room photo in Denver
Ira Frazin Architect

An accent wall of log slices provides a cabin feel in a contemporary way, giving this sleek media room a big dose of rustic flavor.

Living room industrial living room idea in New York
DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL

Overscale fixtures can help create rooms within an open space. This massive ring of lights hangs from the ceiling like a giant wagon wheel. Note how the large scale of the fixture helps define the lounging area within the vast, open floor plan.

Trendy blue tile and stone slab bathroom photo in Miami with a one piece toilet.
Elad Gonen

Slabs of stone are no longer just for counters. These gigantic pieces have gone vertical, creating stunning walls that wow.

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Example of a trendy red tile bathroom design in Other with a wall mount sink and red walls.

Another way to go large scale is to zoom in; a closeup of a sunflower is the focal point of this powder room. The fact that the walls, ceiling, and floor are all covered in the same tile makes the sunflower stand out even more.

Example of a minimalist living room design in Houston

When it comes to large collections, keeping things uncluttered is all in the composition. This room displays a slew of vintage radios in an interesting yet orderly way. The streamlined shelves and spacing keep it from looking like a hodgepodge.

Trendy dark wood floor bedroom photo in Miami.
DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL

This wraparound wall mural is a sports enthusiast’s dream. Using a black and white image as well as breaking it up into slats keeps things stylish and contemporary.

Home office modern home office idea in Portland Maine
angela adams

Going big is not limited to the walls. A bold rug design grabs attention in this room and becomes a work of art.

Inspiration for a contemporary guest medium tone wood floor bedroom remodel in Other with green walls and no fireplace.
ibrahim radwan

Think beyond expected proportions when you want to add excitement to a room. For example, floor-to-ceiling headboards draw the eye way up in this bedroom. Bonus: Closet storage can lie behind the headboards.

Single front door huge modern single front door idea in Los Angeles with a medium wood front door.

Using a child as a scale model makes this oversize door look even larger than it is, but even so, this is one tall entrance. A door this size takes full advantage of the beautiful grain patterns. It needed to be this big for the pattern to hold its own against the uniform wooden planks around the rest of the home’s facade.

Design ideas for a contemporary water fountain landscape in Seattle.
Exteriorscapes llc

Giant leaves provide whimsical seating in this charming garden.

It happens to the best of us. Even professional designers get stuck at times when putting the final touches on a design job. We take a moment, stand back from our work and fuss with this detail and that one until everything is perfect — at least in our eyes.

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Homeowners are often thrilled with the results long before we’re complete, which is encouraging. But how do designers finally find their groove and complete the job? We employ the same concepts photo stylists use when they finesse spaces for portfolios and magazine spreads.

So when you hit a design dilemma when something just isn’t right, try one of these 10 stylist secrets.

Inspiration for a contemporary family room remodel in San Francisco

1. Photograph your room in slices. Seeing the room in a photograph provides you with a more objective look, like seeing it in a magazine. Your eye becomes more critical, and needed adjustments become more obvious.

For example, by looking at the living room from this angle, the designer may have felt the need to add glass bottles at the top of the shelf to continue the color to the ceiling.

Inspiration for a contemporary open concept dark wood floor family room remodel in San Francisco with beige walls

2. When styling multiple rooms, use a color thread throughout to bring cohesion to connecting spaces. It isn’t necessary to use the exact same color in each room. Applying layers of the same color, varying the hue, makes the room feel more natural and less intentional. Blue accents in this room complement audaciously clever blue countertops in the neighboring kitchen.

Example of a trendy kitchen design in San Francisco with mosaic tile backsplash, stainless steel appliances and turquoise countertops

3. Add a pop of red. You don’t have to be a fan of red to appreciate it in small doses. Just a hint of this peppery hue is enough to grab attention and make a room interesting.

Kitchen contemporary kitchen idea in San Francisco with mosaic tile backsplash, multicolored backsplash, recessed panel cabinets and turquoise countertops

4. Instead of a prepackaged bouquet, buy a mass of the same flower. Buying fresh flowers every week gets pretty expensive. A group of one kind of inexpensive blooms, such as these carnations, makes a lovely, subtle impact and leaves you with dollars to spare.

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Transitional family room photo in San Francisco with beige walls and a wall mounted tv

5. Corral tchotchkes in one place and feature them as a collection. Knickknacks scattered around a room look more like clutter and tend to lose their importance. When grouped together they make a statement and become more relevant to the homeowner.

Inspiration for a contemporary medium tone wood floor home office remodel in San Francisco with beige walls

6. Know that less is more. Be careful not to overaccessorize every corner of a space, especially when its functional needs are simple. Here, magazine files are mounted to the wall and camouflaged by paint. The remaining accessories are minimal, and the desk’s beauty isn’t diminished.

Inspiration for a contemporary bedroom remodel in San Francisco

7. Create your vignette in the store before you buy it. Auditioning potential purchases helps to save time standing in line at the returns desk. Moreover, if you have questions about a proposed look, an experienced store associate is always happy to give his or her expert opinion.

Danish light wood floor living room photo in Toronto with white walls
Shirley Meisels

8. Create vignettes that reflect your personality. There’s nothing wrong with mimicking a look you love, but be sure your add personal touches that give clues about who you are, not just the store you shopped at.

Inspiration for a modern home design remodel in Toronto
Shirley Meisels

9. Go graphic. When a budget doesn’t allow for wallpaper, painted stripes are always a high-impact, low-cost alternative.

Inspiration for a contemporary living room remodel in San Francisco

10. Add life to a room with real greenery. Thanks to the view of the outdoors and the fig leaf in the far corner, this room breathes. Real trees also help to naturally improve indoor air quality.

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