8 Cool Kitchen Island Ideas

Kitchen islands have a great deal to provide in regards to including storage and also job surface as well as producing much better traffic flow.

While having an island is common, the design of islands can be anything. Angled, open, on wheels, made from wood or constructed from steel, islands follow no set rules in regards to design.

The following eight kitchens show some great points you may want to take into consideration for your island.

1. Laptop Storage

Laptop Storage
M Woodruff Design
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2. Industrial Steel Dolly

Industrial Steel Dolly
Kim Ronemus Design
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3. ‘Good, Sturdy Table’ on Wheels

‘Good, Sturdy Table’ on Wheels
Albert, Righter & Tittmann Architects, Inc.
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4. Two Levels, Two Countertop Materials

Two Levels, Two Countertop Materials
Westin Hills

5. Raised Baking Station

Raised Baking Station
The WhiteHouse Collection

6. Two Islands, Multiple Materials

Two Islands, Multiple Materials
Martitect Design

7. Freestanding Marble-and-Metal Piece

Freestanding Marble and Metal Piece
Ranney Blair Home Renovations

8. Angled With Raised Chopping Station

Angled With Raised Chopping Station
Wendy O’Brien Interior Planning & Design

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