25 Amazing Master Closets to Admire

For most people, an amazing closet seems like nothing more than a fantasy. But it doesn’t have to be that way. These professional tips can take you one step closer to a dream master closet.

Add convenience and value and extend the life of your wardrobe with a beautiful and well-organized master closet.

1. Hot off the press.

Hot off the press
Lisa Adams, LA Closet Design

Install a pull-down ironing board in your master closet and you will never want to leave. This is a space-saving and time-saving trick that you will love.

2. Mirror mirror.

Mirror mirror
Lisa Adams, LA Closet Design

No master closet would be complete without a built-in floor-to-ceiling mirror.

3. A vanity affair.

A vanity affair
J.A. Smith Construction & Design Studio

Getting dressed and applying makeup all in the same room is a luxury. Add a beautiful freestanding or built-in vanity table inside of your master closet for that movie star feeling.

4. Shoe therapy.

Shoe therapy
Leib Designs

Say hello to more room — which means more shoes, of course. Install shelving around and above the entire master closet door for additional space and another reason to go shopping.

5. Laundry master.

Laundry master
Monarch Renovations

A stackable washer and dryer in the master closet make laundry a snap. This is where the dirty clothes come off anyway, and there’s easy access to hang and put away clean clothes.

6. Less is more.

Less is more

Create a one-of-a-kind closet with beautiful closet doors to encase your entire wardrobe. The only thing showing will be the exquisite elegance of cabinetry.

7. Take a seat.

Take a seat
California Closets Southdale

Add a quaint nook underneath the window inside of your master closet. It’s a great way to put on your heels and have additional storage.

8. Handsome closet.

Handsome closet
Cabinet Innovations

Organize cumbersome ties, belts, and other accessories into one spacious area. Having everything at your fingertips will make getting ready for the day easier as well as faster.

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9. Center stage.

Center stage
Dave Lane Construction Co.

A master closet with enough room to house an entire dressing island is simply wonderful, offering additional storage and a place to layout your fine jewelry and cell phone.

10. Chandelier chic.

Chandelier chic
Harry Braswell Inc.

Dress up any master closet by installing a dramatic chandelier for effect. This is an easy and often inexpensive way to make a change for the better.

These rooms feature much in common, from elegant overhead lighting to neat rows of shelves for storing clothes and shoes. Read on and be inspired to upgrade your own closet — or at least clean it out.

11. Necessary Objects

Necessary Objects
Lilian H. Weinreich, Architects

The golden-hued wood in this closet is admirable, but it’s the proximity of the washing devices that makes this closet so practical. Move clothes directly from the dryer to the shelf — at least for the lucky members of the household who enjoy storing items here.

12. A Room for My Shoes

A Room for My Shoes
AMW Design Studio

Neutral and neat married glamorous and textural in this refined shoe closet space, with orderly shelving, a sparkly chandelier, and a soft seat.

13. Efficiently Sized

Efficiently Sized

This closet may not have the volume of the other popular closets, but it maximizes its space. The bench at right opens to reveal more storage.

14. Gray on Gray

Gray on Gray
Charles Yorke

Many Houzzers loved this gray-toned closet, where the only reminders that clothes are stowed here are the kicked-off heels and the scarf.

15. Everything in Its Place

Everything in Its Place
Master Design Cabinetry

This closet is just right for a shoe collector who likes to pump up the biceps — note the colorful dumbbells on the bottom shelf. The room affords ample space for folded sweaters and jeans, and the center island offers a place to hide unmentionables.

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16. Bright and Creamy

Bright and Creamy
Ederra Design Studio

Rich off-white cabinetry and blue-and-white accessories create a pleasing backdrop for getting dressed in this Los Angeles closet. The window seat could be a comfortable place to curl up on and read a book — on fashion or any other subject.

17. Boutique at Home

Boutique at Home
Kathleen Jacobson, The Couture Closet

This elegant closet looks as inviting as a curated shop, with neatly displayed sections and most items visible. The two large windows bestow good natural light, meaning that the owner should be able to leave the house without a sudden shock that her clothes just don’t match under the light of day.

18. Calm and Contained

Calm and Contained
Phoebe Howard

This closet blends the orderly aspect of closed doors with the ease of open shelving, which works well for beautiful favorites or frequently worn pieces. The lush carpeting presents a soft landing pad for undressed feet.

19. Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa
Роман Спиридонов

This closet from Russia grants what cluttered-closet owners find most envy-worthy: plenty of empty space to fill up. It also appears to contain a wall safe. Perhaps a place to stash some treasured jewelry?

20. Contemporary Tan

Contemporary Tan
TRG Architecture + Interior Design

Beige and tan tones for cabinetry, walls, and floor provide a calming feel in this neatly organized closet space, while the bench at the end of the room offers a handy place to put on shoes.

21. Teal Is My Favorite Color

Teal Is My Favorite Color
Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd.

White and wood cabinetry and neutral carpeting provide a blank canvas for getting dressed. The neutral color scheme makes the one spot of color, that teal bench, stand out.

22. No Space Too Small for Shoes

No Space Too Small for Shoes
Cheban Interiors

This photo proves that even those who don’t have a proper closet can make room for their shoes and bags. This “closet” actually lies within the living room zone of a 500-square-foot studio apartment.

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23. How Calming

How Calming
Charles Yorke

Our closets could look this uncluttered if our wardrobes were composed of only four tank tops and a few shirts. But even with full rods and shelves, this space would boast a pulled-together look thanks to the warm wood cabinetry. A vanity area adds a luxurious touch.

24. A Dapper Duo.

A Dapper Duo

In this closet for a pair of well-dressed gentlemen, two sets of shelves above the clothing rods offer storage space for infrequently accessed items.

25. Clothes? What Clothes?

What Clothes
AWH Architects

Aside from the colorful chandelier and graceful herringbone wood floors, the most compelling element of this closet may be the fact that all the clothes are hidden — in this case, behind periwinkle doors. Ah, rest for the eyes.

Source: houzz.com/magazine

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