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The 15 Most Popular Closet Luxuries

Clothes on the floor, piles of stacked shoes, overburdened clothing rods — sound familiar? They’re all common closet afflictions, and they can quickly turn a closet into a disaster zone. You’re not alone; we all can relate. After all, it’s hard to find space for all of our goodies, and most of us are more than willing to sacrifice perfect order for just one more pair of killer boots.

Professionals continuously work to resolve these closet predicaments, and users are saving their creative tips and tricks in hundreds of thousands of ideas.

I’ve pulled 15 of the best closet solutions from the most popular closet luxuries. See if there’s an idea in here for your own closet.

1. Dresser island.

Dresser island
Munger Interiors

This photo has been added to more than 136,000 readers, making it the most popular closet photo.

Interior designer Elizabeth Munger Stiver thinks it’s because of the white cabinetry, glossy surfaces, and inset mirrors, which create a crisp, clean feel. It also has a lot to do with the built-in dresser, a commonly requested closet storage option when space allows.

“For an island dresser, you have to have a fair amount of space on all four sides — 3 to 4 feet all the way around,” Stiver says. “If you don’t have space, a peninsula dresser is the next best thing, since you don’t have to clear all four sides.”

2. Pullout ironing board.

Pullout ironing board
Lisa Adams, LA Closet Design

Imagine the convenience of having a pullout ironing board where you need it most: in your closet.

Almost 114,000 users think this idea is the way to go. (The handy hamper drawers are a bonus.)

3. Shoe cubbies.

Shoe cubbies
Webber Coleman Woodworks

Shoe walls are off-the-charts popular. Added to almost 80,000 readers this photo shows cubbies measuring 9½ inches wide and 8 inches tall — plenty of room for prized heels.

4. Jewelry cabinet.

Jewelry cabinet
California Closets of Indianapolis

This oversize cabinet from California Closets, a favorite for more than 69,000 readers, is customizable down to the size, shelf liner, and a number of drawers. You can even add a keypad lock.

5. Man closets.

Man closets
EuroCraft Interiors Custom Cabinetry

One of the biggest reader’s dreams is having his-and-her closets. This room full of dark wood and plenty of shelf space for shoes, hats, and shirts.

More than 67,000 of you love this room full of dark wood and plenty of shelf space for shoes, hats, and shirts.

6. Purse hooks.

Purse hooks
Tim Wood Limited

About 56,000 readers love these handy hook rails; they showcase pretty purchases and make swapping bags a breeze. These are customized — made to mimic the client’s shoulder, in fact — but you could do something similar with sturdy wall-mounted coatracks.

7. Pant rack.

Pant rack
Lisa Adams, LA Closet Design

Jean lovers, rejoice! Here’s a storage solution for you. More than 50,000 people covet this clever pullout pants rack, which prevents wrinkles, takes up less space, and offers easy access. Add extra traction to slippery racks with a textured flocking material.

8. Display cabinets.

Display cabinets
Michael Fullen Design Group

More than 50,000 readers love the idea of showcasing most-loved shoes, but with this space, there’s even more than meets the eye.

Principal designer Michael Fullen included a swiveling mirror with hidden clothes storage, as well as lift-up seat benches with hidden hampers. Pair those with the light-up boxes and Lucite columns for displaying special shoes, and this is definitely a dream closet.

9. Open cubbies.

Open cubbies
Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

About 45,000 readers love these open shelves, which keep favorite sweaters, hats, or jeans on hand for a quick grab-and-go.

10. Glass cabinets.

Glass cabinets
Institute of Classical Architecture & Art – Texas

More than 38,000 users like the idea of see-through doors; no more hunting for that shirt or skirt.

11. Makeup vanity.

Makeup vanity
J.A. Smith Construction & Design Studio

Avoid fighting over the bathroom mirror with this convenient option: a built-in makeup vanity.

Included in around 35,000 ideabooks, this photo shows an ideal spot for a morning makeup routine; this vanity is great for storing beauty supplies and jewelry in as well.

12. Drawer dividers.

Drawer dividers
Cabinet Innovations

Sidestep a jumbled drawer by installing these simple drawer dividers, which can be adjusted to accommodate your personal pieces.

Around 30,000 readers want something similar.

13. All-in-one closet unit.

All in one closet unit
Lisa Adams, LA Closet Design

Sure, we all love our niche storage solutions, but most of us want a closet that accommodates all of our items, from ties to traditional shirts.

This photo shows a space that has it all: an abundance of clothing rods, see-through pullout drawers, a tie tray, and plenty of open shelving. Little touches of luxury, like a leather drawer, pulls and a fully stocked mini-fridge, customize the closet for an above-and-beyond look.

14. Tie rack.

Tie rack
Cabinet Innovations

Nearly 25,000 users like this pullout rack for keeping ties, sunglasses, wallets, and cuff links in check.

15. Built-in hamper.

Built in hamper
Laurence Tamaccio Design Destinations

There are many things about this closet that more than 21,000 readers love, but a built-in hamper with transportable bags stands out as a favorite.

Architect and designer Laurence Tamaccio say people love the space efficiency and warm wood elements found in this Elements closet system, unfortunately no longer available.

“This modular closet system truly thinks of everything,” Tamaccio says. “There are so many on the market, but there’s something about this one that stands out. It’s so simple and nicely designed.”

Source: houzz.com/magazine

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