Reclaimed wood desk

12 Home Office Desks That Are Out of The Ordinary

Whether you run a business from home or just use your desk for checking emails, your home office has the distinct advantage of being at home.

So why stick with a bland desk, when you can have a workspace that’s far more fun to look at (and use)?

Here are 12 ideas for desks that offer a little something more, from built-in storage to creative colour.

1. Double-dip desk

Double dip desk
Christophe Vendel

The work areas of this double-length desk are divided by an angular dip, perfect for holding a stack of important papers or a few favourite books. In a cheeky touch, the designer of this space added book-print wallpaper to the wall just below the level of the desk.

2. Live-edge wood desk

Live edge wood desk
Feldman Architecture, Inc.

A thick slab of live-edge wood makes a beautifully simple organic desktop. Here, one provides ample workspace for two (or one who likes to spread out).

3. Card catalogue desk

Card catalogue desk
Corynne Pless

Library-style cardholder handles adorn the drawers of this wood desk, which was handmade by a crafty homeowner. To get a similar look, paint just the drawer fronts of a vintage desk different hues, and swap the handles for cardholder drawer handles (available online and at some well-stocked hardware stores).

4. Storage bin desk

Storage bin desk

Sturdy metal storage bins act as a leg beneath this reclaimed-wood desk that’s perfectly sized for a child’s room. Open bins beneath a desk are easier to access than closed drawers, so they’re just right for keeping arts and crafts supplies close at hand.

5. Reclaimed wood desk

Reclaimed wood desk
Urban Wood Goods

Pipes, reclaimed wood and vintage crates combine to make this one-of-a-kind double desk. When attached to drawer fittings, old bins and wooden crates find new life as functioning desk drawers.

6. Floating corner desk

Floating corner desk
Pause Designs

Have an awkward corner to fill? Consider having a desktop custom cut to fit the space. A corner (especially with a window) can make a cosy spot for a desk, and you can feel good knowing you’ve put every inch of space to work.

7. Bookshelf desk

Bookshelf desk
NDC Homes, Inc.

If you love to read or need to keep materials close by as you work, a desk with a built-in shelf could be just the ticket. A V-shaped shelf runs along one side of this sleek, modern desk, providing ample room in which to keep favourite books within arm’s reach.

8. Minimalist standing desk

Minimalist standing desk
Nanette Wong

Looking for an ultra-simple, space-saving option? Try using a wall shelf as a minimalist standing desk. Pair the ‘desk’ with a stool you can perch on when you need a break from standing, and add a few other shelves if you need room for storage.

9. Desk with a view

Desk with a view
Murray Legge Architecture

If you love to gaze out a window while you work, a custom-made worksurface designed to be attached to a large window can make a serene spot for working, writing or pondering. Just be aware that a window that gets indirect sun is best if you want to avoid screen glare.

10. Painted wood desk

Painted wood desk
Set The Stage

Give an old desk or breakfast table a new lease of life with a few coats of glossy colour. If you have the luxury of an entire room devoted to a home office, consider using a larger table (even a dining table) in the centre of the room as a desk – it will allow for plenty of room to spread out and will keep the walls free for storage and seating.

11. Chalk-painted desk nook

Chalk painted desk nook
John Donkin Architect Inc.

Make the most of a compact nook with a custom-fit floating desk and a coat of chalkboard paint on the walls. To get even more function out of the space, use magnetic chalk paint, so you can write notes and easily post photos and important papers.

12. Well-lit desk

Well lit desk
Vita Design Group

Proper lighting is essential for working, but that doesn’t mean your only option is a bent-arm task lamp. Walnut panelling that wraps from wall to ceiling and recessed lighting give this workspace a warm glow.

In an open-concept space, lighting controlled by a dimmer switch over the desk can help illuminate the area when you need to work and recede from view when you’re not working.

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