Restores Us

A Thought We when don’t forgive, when we hold a grudge, we are in fact, holding ourselves back from life. When we don’t let go of something that has happened in the past, we end up living in the past rather than living in the present. By forgiving we are letting the issue go, we … Read more

He Who

A Thought None of us are perfect. All of us make mistakes. But, God alwaysforgives us when we ask.  So why would we not forgive others. Through our faith we should feel forgiving to others.  If we are building a bridge to live in a godly manner as Christians, is not “forgiving” a step we need to take? At times, it is … Read more

Love In

A Thought Wise words from Max Lucado.  You can never truly love without truth. And you can never do one without the other.  Either you love or you don’t. Simple words but words of wisdom.   A Prayer Dear Father, Thank you for the blessings of those people who surround me; my family, my friends, my co-workers, my neighbors. 1John 2:10 … Read more

So Now

A Thought Such powerful and direct words.  There is no confusion as to the meaning of Jesus’s words.  We are to love one another.  What a different world we would live in if this commandment was followed by all people.  To love someone is to share, to forgive, to put the other first, etc. On this earth we have people … Read more

Look Up

A Thought Angels can we see them?  Have you ever felt their presence?  There is an old expression, “I had an angel in my shoulder”.  We use this expression when something bad could have happened but didn’t happen.  We know in the Bible angels played a significant role.  For example in the birth of Jesus – angels appears … Read more

Friends Are

A Thought We all have friends that we would consider an Angel.  When we think of Angels we think of someone who is always willing to help us, to protect us, and to love us.  A friend who is always there for us truly could be considered an angel.  We all need that one friend in our life.  But … Read more

Nobody’s Perfect

A Thought Nobody is perfect – a very simple but true statement. The only person who ever has been on this earth that is perfect is Jesus. If you try and model perfection then it is Jesus’s life that you must try to follow.  We should always strive to be like Jesus but realistically we can … Read more

There Is No

A Thought Such wise words from Charles Swindoll.  If we seek God’s Wordthrough the bible we will find his counsel. We also discover comfort and wisdom in His Words.  The Bible is a roadmap or a blueprint for our lives. Rather than searching for happiness and peace in worldly things we can find it within the Bible if we … Read more

Learning to Live

A Thought The church is not one person but a community of people.  I have heard people say I don’t need to go to church I see God all around me and I would agree that God is all around us.  But in a community you find God in support, in fellowship, and in praising God together. We are all uniquely different , … Read more

Hospital For

A Thought What a different way to think about churches.  There has been times in our culture where the people of certain churches hold themselves up to be better and they are not welcoming of those who are less fortunate or who are in need. But our best example to follow is Jesus.  In Matthew 9:12-13 it says,  On hearing … Read more