Happiness Quotes

Since your mission is your happiness, you were created to serve God and attain happiness through that service. You cannot serve God and not find happiness. Clement Getate, Your Cross to Happiness

I can assure you that there is no other reason for joy and happiness in life that beats a vibrant relationship with a living God who loves you. Brian L Summy, It’s Not About Me, It’s About God

You know that God has nothing but love, happiness, and bliss planned for you. Ken Black, 12 Steps to a Christian Alpha Male Character

Naturally, I regret the years of wasted strength, happiness and youth, but I know that by God’s help I can redeem the time.
Lydia Chorpening, Bigger than Impossible: Keys to Experiencing the Impossible through God

We think of him as being extremely serious, but God cares about our happiness, not how we can save the world for him.
Mona M. Hanna, The Nature of God

If you do have them feelings, learn to hand them over to God, have faith that his journey for them is one that will fill your heart full of pride, joy, and happiness. Rev J Martin, The Power Of Choice: Good Choices Lead to the Good Life

We think life is about making money, buying material goods, and finding happiness as the media and our environment defines it. We search for fulfillment in things that are temporary, things that will be left behind once we have passed on. Nicole C. Calhoun, Victory’s Road

Gratefulness, recognizing the many blessings we have irrespective of the adversities we face, leads to happiness.
Ira L. Shafiroff, Forgiveness Rules

The Lord wants an intimate relationship with us. He wants to be able to give us love, joy, and happiness. He also wants to receive our love and obedience. James Cooper, Storm Watch: A Journey to Discipleship

Try to pray for someone you know who needs God’s grace and when you see the difference in that person’s life you experience a holy peace. A kind of happiness that is incomprehensible and much bigger than momentary worldly pleasure. Susan Macwan, Prayers: Transforming life and making a difference

We are no longer in competition with anyone for anything, be it love, favor, peace, happiness, or success. We have an abundant never-ending source of supply because God almighty is our provider. Paula Casill, My Brother’s Keeper: Redefining Relationships in the Body of Christ

If you trust in God, the grass on the other side becomes a lot less green. You can find happiness wherever you are. K. J. Bryen, Dare to be Brave

The master secret of happiness is to meet the challenge of eachnew day with the serene faith that: “All things work together for good to them that love God.” Wilfred Peterson

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