One Night Stands Fun

Make Casual Sex And One Night Stands Fun, Adventurous And Pleasurable

Just because you’re having casual sex or one night stands doesn’t mean it needs to be as casual and monotonous as going to the bank.

Just like dating, casual sex and one-night stands are meant to be fun, adventurous and pleasurable to both parties.

So follow this simple advice in order to make the most out of your multiple romps.

Make Casual Sex And One Night Stands Fun, Adventurous And Pleasurable


Do become a master of your domain

Use this opportunity to learn as much about blowing women’s minds as you can – a lot of guys who have casual sex use it to get their rocks off, but what if you got your rocks off and became the ultimate sex god at the same time?

Ask your one time mate what they like, what they’re into, what turns them on the most, listen to their moans, and find out what makes them go wild.

Do find out what turns you on most

Most people have no idea what they want in bed or relationships. Discover your own hidden desires, fetishes, etc., and experiment with things that you might feel a little sheepish discussing with somebody you would have to see again.

Do be your sexy self

Casual sex and one night stands are just plain hot. Even if they are sloppy from a little too much to drink. So turn up the heat and turn your sex appeal on high.

Do let loose

This goes hand in hand with number 1 and 2: if there’s any time to do the weirdest, craziest, most concerning things in the bedroom or reenacting your favorite porno, now is the time to do it. Let loose, because you might not even see this person again, right?


Do not treat your one-night stand mate as a doormat and a piece of meat

Just because you’ll most likely never see this person again, does not give you the right to treat them like anything less than a human.

Casual sex and one-night stands are meant to be fun. So make sure you and your one-time mate walk away feeling good about your night together and not depressed it ever happened.

Do not make false promises

Once you are done with the casual sex or a one-night stand, it’s really easy to get wrapped up in feeling like you need to give more to your bedroom mate.

If you don’t plan on seeing them ever again, don’t start making false promises. Acknowledge what you did, be proud of it, and shove them out the door.

Do not be too intimate

I had this client once, who told me that his casual sex partners and one-night stands would always turn into stalking situations, and he didn’t understand why.

So I dug a little deeper and found out that this man would not only rock their world in the bedroom by giving them tons of pleasure and multiple org*sms (he was a tantric master), he would then hold them, give them baths, and tell them how close he felt to them.

Nothing is wrong with the multiple org*sms, but giving too much intimacy, mixed with a rock star sex experience of their lifetime is just wrong and will end in trouble. Make sure to remove all intimacy from your casual, one night stand encounters. It simply gets too confusing.

Do not forget to wrap it up

Hopefully by now you don’t need anyone to tell you that safe sex is the best sex! A casual one-night encounter can quickly turn into a horrible nightmare if you’re left with either a bump in your belly or bumps on your genitals.

So wrap it up and avoid any long-term consequences from your one night encounter.


Most people think of casual sex and one nights stands as an empty unfulfilling past time, but it doesn’t have to be! So follow this advice and keep your favorite hobby as wild, crazy, and fun as it should be.

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