Know How Your Date Is Going By How She Is Flirting

It can be difficult to read women at times, mostly because we’re all trained to be so sweet and polite. But what if you had a little cheat sheet that could tell you exactly when she’s flirting… and especially when she’s not?

For one thing, you’d never have to wonder what happened to that girl when you thought you guys had such a great time!

So here are some of the things for you to notice that women do (and don’t do) to tell if they’re flirting with you.

Know How Your Date Is Going By How She Is Flirting


Do see if she holds eye contact

It’s said that you will be intimate (in one way or another) when you can hold eye contact with somebody for at least 3 seconds. It conveys interest and a desire for connection.

Next time you’re out, count to 3 and you’ll see for sure if she’s into you. It is an added bonus if she bats her eyelashes.

Do notice if she squints her eyes when she smiles at you

Have you ever heard the phrase, “The eyes never lie?” Well, when women are genuinely enjoying your company, they’ll smile with their whole faces, especially their eyes.

We’re all conditioned to smile politely using our mouths, but when women have earnest feelings for you at the moment, a squint will always accompany their smiles.

Do recognize if she touches you and herself

Interested women will always find a way to touch you. This is an intimate gesture that draws them closer to you at the moment.

They’ll also touch themselves as a way to draw your attention to their bodies and pique your sexual interest.

Do see if she draws attention to her lips and mouth

This goes back to drawing your attention to a very sexual part of their bodies: their lips, mouths, and tongues.

When women start playing with their lips or licking things seductively, it’s their way of getting you to think about kissing them.

Do notice if she laughs heartily at all your jokes

When women feel genuinely attracted to you, they want you to know! This is why they’ll gaze into your eyes, touch you often, and especially laugh at all your jokes to make you feel like you’re the funniest man on the planet.

They want you to feel good in their presence, so when they laugh at a joke when you normally hear crickets, you can be sure that she’s flirting.


Do not forget to recognize who has their attention

Women who are genuinely interested in you will give you their undivided attention. If she seems more interested in talking to other people than you, then she’s not flirting.

Do not push it if she doesn’t let you into her personal space

We’re all very careful about who we let in our personal space, especially women. If she doesn’t let you anywhere close enough to touch her, then she definitely doesn’t want anything of the sort happening.

If she sits or stands more than an arm’s length away from you, she isn’t flirting.

Do not forget to notice her teeth when she smiles

Women usually feel the need to be polite when talking to guys, so instead of walking away rudely when they’re not interested, they’ll give nods and flat smiles. Showing teeth when we smile conveys true joy at the moment.

If she doesn’t show those chompers, she most likely isn’t showing interest either.

Do not fail to notice where she is looking

Again, women who are interested in you will not be able to take their eyes off you. If you find you can’t hold her gaze for more than a passing second, pass on her.

Do not forget about the one-word answers

Women generally love to talk… especially if you’re asking them questions about themselves. When they give one-word answers to your questions, it means they’re trying to close off any room for more conversation.

If you find yourself getting nothing more than yeses and nos, move onto girls who are more interested in talking with your wonderful self.


These are all telltale signs that women generally give off when they’re into you…and especially when they’re not into you.

However, don’t let these be your judge and jury, rather let the advice above be a guideline to use once you decide if you are into her…because really, knowing these signs are pointless if you care not to flirt with her either.

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