Religion Quotes That Need To Be Considered In Your Paper

“You are not giving away what you have, but rather giving back what you have. You are appropriating resources that were meant for everyone. The earth belongs to all, not just the wealthy “- St. Ambrose

It is best to look at the current society as it stands and then consider society as it should be, as Jesus and other church teachings advocate. Capitalism is a major influence in modern society. The goal is to accumulate material wealth. People have become materialistic and focus on wealth accumulation, and abandon brotherhood in favour of individual superiority over others.

This state of affairs, however, is not considered to be abhorrent or socially harmful. If you want your to essay to be filled with the strongest quotes you can ask any professional from an essay writing service that would make your article fulfill. St. Ambrose obviously tells that people are encouraged to live this lifestyle because it is the “price” of modernity. Jesus’ teachings focus on a different set of principles. They encourage people to strive for brotherhood and charity towards their fellow men. Based on the Old Testament writings and Jesus’ teachings, the world around us has a form or “universal ownership”. This means that everything is meant to be shared equally and distributed according to need. Secondary objectives such as material or financial gain, elevation of self and possessions are often viewed as damaging to the spirit and against God’s gift of creation.

The statement, “You are not giving a gift of what you have to the poor man, but rather you are giving him back the things he has” refers to our current attitudes towards material gain. This is simply denying others what should be theirs. You promote inequality by focusing your attention on yourself and not others and thereby denying opportunity and the sharing of Earth’s resources.

You can give bread to someone who is hungry; but, it would be better if there was no one hungry. The naked are clothed. It would be wonderful if everyone could be clothed” – St. Augustine

This quote is about charitable donations today and how they wouldn’t be needed if society was changed to promote a better distribution of wealth and resources.

The quote is in a way a criticism of the wealthy. It implies that, despite their charitable acts, they still hoard money for themselves. Recent studies have shown that 50% of all monetary assets in the world was owned by 74 of the wealthiest people. This is compared to the many millions of people who lack basic access to food, water, and clothing. Even if “rich” give to charities, it is still true that they have more control than they need and can facilitate hardship by inaction.

Blessed Mother Teresa: “It is poverty to decide that a child must be killed so that you can live as you want

Like the other quotes, this one is a lightly veiled critique of the wealthy. This concept of “living your life as you please” can be understood as a lifestyle that many people are used to. The bread with caviar on top, the wagyu beef steaks and weekly trips to Paris are all part and parcel of the lifestyle that the wealthy and famous have adapted to.

When you consider the price of this lifestyle and the possibility of saving thousands of lives, it becomes obvious that the money could have been spent saving lives rather than making people more comfortable. This quote asks if a life of luxury really is worth the lives that could be saved if they had the money instead.

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