Top 10 Best Medical Schools in Germany 2022

Best Medical Schools in Germany – Thousands of students in the world certainly want to go further in medical school, but to ensure admission to international schools and pursue a medical degree in one of the countries like Germany. Then you can potentially be one of them in the near term if you equip yourself from now.

The decision to study medicine in Germany is a moment that will change your life. Choosing a medical school and introducing yourself to a new challenging academic world will reshape your intellectual potential, your future career, and provide emotional fulfillment in yourself.

But there is a lot of information that you may not have at this time to choose the best Medical School in Germany, then based on data from with the subject of medicine in 2020 divide the best of the Medical Schools that you can choose and know before deciding to study medicine in Germany.

Technical University of Munich

Technical University of Munich
  • Location: Technical University of Munich, Arcisstraße 21 Munich, Germany
  • Total Student: 40,665
  • International Student: 12,673
  • Status: Public
  • Research Output: Very High
  • Academic Reputation: 83.8
  • Total faculty staff: 6,360
  • Overall Score: 73.6
  • QS WUR By Subject Ranking #17
  • QS World University Ranking #50
  • Website

The Faculty of Medicine at the Munich Technical University (TUM) offers medical training to students who have completed their preclinical studies. Preclinical studies in medicine are held in collaboration with clinical studies conducted separately in TUM or LMU.

Currently, more than 1,400 students are enrolled in TUM for the clinical part of their study. In collaboration with the hospital Rechts der Isar, the medical faculty developed scientific findings to understand the basic disease processes and optimize patient care.

Committed teaching offers insight into the results of recent research and prepares students for their work as doctors. Knowledge creates healing, this is the guiding principle of treatment in TUM. It represents a very close relationship between medical research and patient care.

Here, patients will benefit directly from discoveries by physicians and scientists. The needs of patients experienced by doctors in their daily work in turn affect the purpose of the research project. Thus, physicians and scientists of the clinic Rechts der Isar and TUM School of Medicine worked shoulder to hand to increase the degree of patient health and the best assistance.

With this philosophy, the medicine at TUM was successful internationally: Clinic Rechts der Isar and TUM School of Medicine jointly represent medicine with a worldwide reputation – in patient care, research, and education.

Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Ruprecht Karls Universität Heidelberg

  • Location: Grabengasse 1 Heidelberg, Germany
  • Total Student: 19,530
  • International Student: 3,803
  • Status: Public
  • Research Output: Very High
  • Academic Reputation: 80,6
  • Total faculty staff: 4,122
  • Overall Score: 68.6
  • QS WUR By Subject Ranking #4
  • QS World University Ranking #64
  • Website

The Faculty of Medicine in Heidelberg is one of the oldest medical faculties in Germany, with an international reputation. Students benefit from exceptional opportunities for study and research. The Degree Program in medicine lasts for at least six years and three months and consists of three phases of training: Preclinical studies, clinical studies, and practice.

At the end of the undergraduate program, students complete the state exam and will be licensed to practice as a medical physician. Graduates can specialize after completing a degree program by continuing to study while they work.

Heidelberg Campus connects many medical institutions and clinics that are part of the University clinic and maintains relationships with other faculties of the university where research focuses on life sciences and humanities. Heidelberg Medical faculty is working with several large external research institutions.

Research at the faculty focuses mainly on infectious diseases, cardiovascular research, neurology, translational and individual oncology, individual transplants, and immunotherapy. The Faculty of Medicine provides important benefits for specialist research conducted for the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungs Gemeinschaft, DFG) and health research centers.

A large number of research centers within the medical community in Heidelberg allow students to participate in a variety of laboratory and research projects, pursue doctorate degrees and make contact for any work they do in the field in the future.

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Ludwig Maximilians Universität München

  • Location: Geschwister-Scholl Platz 1 München, Germany
  • Total Student: 35,858
  • International Student: 5,816
  • Status: Public
  • Research Output: Very High
  • Academic Reputation: 92,9
  • Total faculty staff: 3,818
  • Overall Score: 68,9
  • QS WUR By Subyect Rangking #5
  • QS World University Ranking #63
  • Website

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München-University in the heart of Munich-is recognized as one of the major European academic and research institutions. Since its founding in 1472, LMU has attracted talented scholars and students from all over the world, making the university stay at the top of the challenging ideas and transforming the increasingly complex world.

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The Faculty of Medicine consists of the Munich University Hospital, located in the Großhadern and Munich city center, preclinical, academic, and theoretical clinical facilities. This department is the largest medical training institution in southern Germany.

With the Munich medical curriculum (MeCuM-LMU) The medical faculty has formed a new form of teaching and learning for medical studies. The faculty has also achieved international reputation and standards in academic and clinical work, as illustrated by the number of outside funds that have attracted to the Collaborative Research Center, postgraduate Research Training Group, research units, and joint projects nationally and internationally.

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Humboldt Universität zu Berlin

  • Location: Unter den Linden 6 Berlin, Germany
  • Total Student: 33,681
  • International Student: 5,020
  • Status: Public
  • Research Output: High
  • Academic Reputation: 89.8
  • Total faculty staff: 1,935
  • Overall Score: 54.5
  • QS WUR By Subject Ranking #7
  • QS World University Ranking #117
  • Website

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin Established in Berlin in 1810, the concept of this university is the “mother of all modern universities” given by Wilhelm von Humboldt as his basic concept. The purpose of this campus is expected as “Litterarum University” between teaching and research as a unity that will affect the resulting students who are humanist and in-between.

The university since its founding has four faculties namely the law, medicine, philosophy, and theology.
Then the state House of Representatives passed legislation for restructuring the medical faculty on the campus so that it entered into force on 1 June 2003.

The Faculty of Medicine at Humboldt-Universität Zu Berlin was incorporated change in a new company along with the Department of Medicine at Freie Universität Berlin and renamed as Charite.

This organization then includes all areas of responsibility relating to the research and teaching of medicine and dentistry previously covered by each department in both universities.

Freie Universitaet Berlin

Freie Universitaet Berlin

  • Location: Kaiserswerther Str. 16-18 Berlin, Germany
  • Total Student: 35,141
  • International Student: 6,599
  • Status: Public
  • Research Output: High
  • Academic Reputation: 80,9
  • Total faculty staff: 1,400
  • Overall Score: 53,2
  • QS WUR By Subject Ranking #19
  • QS World University Ranking #130
  • Website

Freie Universität Berlin is a leading institution oriented to the future in the famous German academic world. Repeatedly selected as one of the top universities in the country, the university has an internationally recognized orientation, interdisciplinary approach, and commitment to social responsibility.

Reflected in its name, Freie Universität Berlin has appreciated academic freedom as one of its core principles since its founding in 1948. Since its inception, the Institute has gained an international outlook, and today it has become a major choice for students and scholars who come to Germany from abroad.

The new revised medical curriculum Program makes it possible to offer students courses based on new teaching and learning concepts, as well as about the need for practical medical experiences.

Following the long tradition of her medical excellence, the Charite Faculty of Medicine strives to become a national and international leader in medical teaching, with a particular focus on quality, satisfaction, and sustainability.

RWTH Aachen University

RWTH Aachen University

  • Location: Templergraben 55 Aachen, Germany
  • Total Student: 45,884
  • International Student: 11,327
  • Status: Public
  • Research Output: Very High
  • Academic Reputation: 51,9
  • Total faculty staff: 1,964
  • Overall Score: 51,4
  • QS WUR By Subject Ranking #18
  • QS World University Ranking #145
  • Website

WTH Aachen University is the largest technological university in Germany and one of the most famous in Europe. Every year, many international students and scientists come to the university to take advantage of high-quality programs and excellent facilities, which are both recognized at the international level.

RWW Aachen University is in the process of becoming an integrated interdisciplinary Technical University. The university’s engineering focus is attributed to natural sciences and medicine.

At the Faculty of Medicine, lecturers used various innovative media formats to support teaching and learning. In RWTH, the Faculty of Medicine has pioneered the development and use of innovative multimedia learning applications and media formats such as interactive video, 3D video, 360 ° video, MultiView video, and interactive animations.

Technische Universität Dresden

Technische Universität Dresden
  • Location: TUD-Information Helmholtzstr. 10 Dresden, Germany
  • Total Student: 45,884
  • International Student: 31,795
  • Status: Public
  • Research Output: Very High
  • Academic Reputation: 37,6
  • Total faculty staff:4,608
  • Overall Score: 45.9
  • QS WUR By Subject Ranking #51-100
  • QS World University Ranking #173
  • Website
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Technische Universität Dresden is one of the leading universities in Germany and Europe. The university is strong in research and is considered to be top class concerning the range and quality of the courses it offers, also closely related to culture, business, and society.

A comprehensive, modern multi-disciplinary university and with 14 faculties, it has a broad and varied scientific spectrum that can only be likable to other German universities.

The Faculty of Medicine TU Dresden consisted of the high-performing medical faculty Carl Gustav Carus. Innovative teaching, close to patients, and cutting-edge research of internationally renowned faculties can only be implemented in cooperation with Carl Gustav Carus University Hospital.

The extraordinary scientific environment in Dresden and a variety of international collaborations are further determinants for the advanced development of university medicine in Dresden.

Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen

Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen
  • Location: Wilhelmstr. 7 Tübingen, Germany
  • Total Student: 27,348
  • International Student: 3,692
  • Status: Public
  • Research Output: Very High
  • Academic Reputation: 45,6
  • Total faculty staff: 4,265
  • Overall Score: 45,8
  • QS WUR By Subyect Rangking #7
  • QS World University Ranking #175
  • Website

Founded in 1477, the University of Tübingen is one of the most famous research universities in Europe and a prime location for academic and research studies. Various disciplines and high research standards, both in science and humanities, contribute to its international reputation.

The Faculty of Medicine was one of the four founding faculties of Eberhard Karls University in Tübingen. With non-clinical facilities and research and teaching areas, it is one of the largest medical training and research institutes in Baden-Württemberg, according to the University Hospital’s organizational unit.

The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Tübingen along with university clinics, preclinical and scientific institutes, and the clinical and theoretical departments, the Faculty of Medicine is one of the largest institutions for medical and higher education training in Baden-Württemberg.

Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet Freiburg

Albert Ludwigs Universitaet Freiburg

  • Location: Fahnenbergplatz Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
  • Total Student: 21,413
  • International Student: 3,883
  • Status: Public
  • Research Output: Very High
  • Academic Reputation: 52
  • Total faculty staff: 1,993
  • Overall Score: 45,8
  • QS WUR By Subyect Rangking #41
  • QS World University Ranking #175
  • Website

The University of Freiburg was founded in 1457. The university enjoys an excellent reputation for teaching, research, and continuing education. It has received many awards in national competitions. Twenty-three Nobel laureates conducted research and taught at the university.

Today, the Institute is characterized by a combination of traditional disciplines and modern technologies. With over 3,300 students, the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Freiburg is one of the largest in Germany.

Anyone studying here benefited from the high quality of life in the corners of Germany near France and Switzerland, and from the innovative teaching plans of the Institute, as well as from one of the most respected groups of university education hospitals in Germany.

Training in four-degree courses in medicine, dentistry, Molecular Medicine, and nursing Sciences includes a substantial practical experience. This campus emphasizes not only on students who learn theoretical knowledge, but also on learning teamwork, good communication, and scientific methods from the beginning.

The Faculty of Medicine also offers a special degree for working professionals, including an online Master’s course in palliative care, technical medicine, and periodontology and implant therapy.

University of Göttingen

University of Göttingen

  • Location: Wilhelmsplatz 1 Göttingen, Germany
  • Total Student: 30,894
  • International Student: 4,082
  • Status: Public
  • Research Output: Very High
  • Academic Reputation: 49
  • Total faculty staff: 3,794
  • Overall Score: 43,3
  • QS WUR By Subject Ranking #21
  • QS World University Ranking #195
  • Web site

The University of Goettingen was founded in 1737. As an institution resulted from a critical spirit. The University Medical Center of Göttingen (UMG) is one of the largest university hospitals in Germany.

The Faculty of Medicine and the University Hospital form a single entity where research, teaching, and treatment of very good patients take place under one roof. Three priority research areas and a broad spectrum of medical disciplines characterize the faculties.

Internationally recognized areas of priority research Neuroscience, Cardiovascular Research, and Oncology have a solid foundation in basic science and are oriented towards the medical needs in patients. The Faculty of Medicine at Göttingen is one of the largest medical schools in Germany.

The Faculty of Medicine works with international cooperation partners in the EUROLIFE network. University Medicine Göttingen is a partner of this research-oriented network with excellent infrastructure and international reputation since 1999.

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