A Guide to Writing Academic Essays in Religious Studies

Religion is a universal institution in human society. It is found in all societies of the past and present. All societies we know have a religion. It goes back to the beginning of the culture itself.

Today, we are going to discuss how to write essays in religious studies.

What is a religious essay?

The human mind has wanted to know the miracles of nature and concepts that were incomprehensible to the tribes and then to society. An essay on religion can be assigned to students if they are studying religion and sociology.

The philosophy of religion essays is very deep, so you should study philosophy as well. An essay, as a rule, is a short text containing your opinion with additional background information.

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By writing an essay, the teacher usually evaluates your ability to argue your ideas, express your thoughts clearly and concisely deduce all information. An essay on various religions will demonstrate how you use theoretical knowledge in terms of the subject.

When talking about a variety of topics, an essay on religion and morality is a popular option because here, you combine the two concepts in one paper. Essays about religion in modern society are also a common theme.

How to write an essay on religion

  1. Start with an introduction. Come up with an interesting argument to make your essay more informative and offer some conflicting ideas about your thesis.
  2. In the main part, proceed to substantiate your thesis by presenting and developing your reasoning. You must be concise and informative. Your best bet is to choose between three and five strong and persuasive arguments that apply to religious discourse. Your examples should be arranged in a way so that they start from the weakest to the strongest and most thought-provoking. If you use this strategy, you will grab the teacher’s attention.
  3. The conclusion is most important because some teachers sometimes do not want to read the entire paper. This is why use all knowledge as you begin to write the last section. Here you need to indicate your main points and repeat the thesis, use the word “conclusion” for more persuasiveness. This section is almost the same size as the introductory section.
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Choose only one statement for discussion throughout the entire essay! Never try to capture as many points of view and ideas as possible. It is better to be more consistent and completely discuss one topic, idea, thought, etc.

If you include different sources in your essay, always evaluate them. Use only trusted sources.

Use a variety of vocabulary and grammar

Avoid repetitions of words, use synonyms and difficult grammatical constructions – show the examiner that you speak English at a high level.

For example, instead of being bored with “good,” use the words “remarkable,” “gorgeous,” “fascinating,” depending on the context. Use complex constructs and different times to express your thoughts.

Express your thoughts correctly

Religion is a provocative topic. That’s why state your point of view in a polite and tolerant manner.
Write softly

Although you should express your thoughts, try not to use the following construction often: “I am sure that…”. Write softer.

Allocate time to check

You need to allocate your time so that you have some time to check your essay. Review your essay after completing it and make sure it is free of grammar, spelling, style, syntax errors. As a rule, you can get a good grade for accurate corrections.

Now you know how to write an essay in religious studies perfectly. Practice writing essays on religious topics if you will get high grades for your papers. Good luck!

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