A List of Inspirational Quotes for Essay Writing

Whenever you want to create a better impression on your audience, you can take advantage of quotations. When they are used correctly, quotations strengthen your arguments by making your essay more attractive. Quotations are used in the opening sentence of the introduction.

Before you use any quotation, make sure it applies to your topic. Read the quotation and think about how it will add value to your essay. If it doesn’t, it will look displaced and devalue your essay.

Here is a list of the best quotes you can use in your essay.

  1. “Education is a ticket to destiny, for the society of the future belongs to individuals who prepare today.” Malcolm X.
  2. “A great man can build a structure with the stones that others have hurled at him.” David Brinkley
  3. “Wisdom is the sole good, and stupidity is the only bad.” Socrates
  4. “On the opposite side of fear is everything you have ever wanted.” George Addair
  5. “A society that values its privileges beyond its beliefs soon loses all.” Dwight D. Eisenhower
  6. “Non-collaboration with evil is as important an obligation as collaboration with virtue.” Mohandas Gandhi

When quotes are used in an essay, they make your paper look impressive. They inspire the reader which makes them want to find out more about the information. Due to this, the reader takes time to read your essay and award you good marks.

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Essay Writing

7. “The most challenging part is choosing to act; the rest is just a matter of persistence.” Amelia Earhart

8. “Either you control the day or it controls you.” Jim Rohn

9. “The only individual you can choose to be is the one you choose to be.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

10. “All the cash on the earth would be worthless if women did not exist.” Aristotle Onassis

11. “Things do not worry men; it is their perspective on things that do.” Epictetus

12. “Men, on the whole, are more concerned with what they cannot see than with what they can.” Julius Caesar

13. “The ultimate triumph in life is not to never fail, but rebounding from every setback.” Nelson Mandela

14. “It’s easier to get started if you stop speaking and start acting.” Walt Disney, Jr.

15. “Do not even waste your precious time imitating somebody else’s life; your time is short.” Steve Jobs

16. “How many worries do you lose when you choose to be someone rather than something?” Gabrielle “Coco”

17. “Be yourself and say what you’re thinking, since those that don’t care don’t mind, and those who care don’t mind.” Dr. Seuss

18. “Writing for oneself and having no audience is preferable to writing for the audience and having no self.” Cyril Connolly

19. “Starting up is the key to moving ahead.” Mark Twain

20. “The single expedition that is hardest to undertake is the one that you never start” Tony Robbins

21. “Man’s intellect is capable of achieving everything he may imagine and believe.” Napoleon Hill

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22. “Our fears of today could be the single thing that prevents us from realizing our dreams of tomorrow.” Franklin Delano Roosevelt

23. “The key to transformation is to spend all of your effort on constructing the new rather than fighting the old.” Socrates

24. “Change anything if you do not like it. Alter your mindset if you cannot change it.” Mary Angelou

25. “Your intellect is a great tool. Your life will begin to transform once you fill it with pleasant ideas.” Gautama Buddha

26. “Always keep in mind that you are one-of-a-kind. Just like the rest of the world.” Margaret Mead

27. “Instead of judging every day by the fruit you reap, consider the seedlings you plant.” Robert Louis Stevenson

28. “Those who trust in the splendor of their ambitions have a bright future ahead of them.” Eleanor Roosevelt

29. “Tell me something, and I’ll forget it. I remember what you teach me. If you involve me, I will learn.” Benjamin Franklin


One of the ways to make your essay more interesting is to use quotations. They are used as hooks to attract the reader to go on reading your essay. You should be careful when using quotations.

Make sure you choose a quotation that is relevant to your essay topic. You must cite the quotation in your references. If you fail to cite the quotation, it can be termed plagiarism.

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