Just Like Jesus

Be inspired and intrigued by these quotes from Max Lucado’s book, Just Like Jesus. This book is one that really touched a cord with me. So often we pray for God to give us direction. And in this book Max writes how God has given us all direction already. Read the book for the answer – it makes so much sense! A book that can help us all see how we can be like Jesus. We highly recommend Max Lucado’s book, Just Like Jesus

“God can no more leave a life unchanged than a mother can leave her child’s tear untouched.”

“The love of people often increases with performance and decreases with mistakes. Not so with God’s love. He loves you right where you are.”

“Try shifting your glance away for the one who hurt you and setting your eyes on the one who has saved you.”

“Jesus touched the untoucables of the world. Will you do the same?”
Jesus Christ

“Eight times in the Gospels and eight times in the Book of Revelation we are reminded that it’s not enough just to have ears – it’s necessary to use them.”

“If we are to be just like Jesus – if we are to have ears that hear God’s voice – then we have just found two habits worth imitating: the habits of prayer and Bible reading.”
Quotes about the Bible

“Study the Bible a little at a time. God seems to send messages as he did his manna: one day’s portion at a time.
Inspirational Bible Verses

“Through the centuries Christians have learned the value of brief sentence prayers, prayers that can be whispered anywhere, in any setting.”

“Where we see the absence of God, Jesus saw the plan of God.”

“It’s a wonderful day indeed when we stop working for God and begin working with God.”

“God doesn’t come to us on Sunday mornings and then exit on Sunday afternoons. He remains within us, continually present in our lives.”

“Worship is the act of magnifying God. Enlarging our vision of him.”
Words of Inspiration

“Regardless of what you don’t know about your future, one thing is certain: you are intended to contribute to the good plan of God, to tell others about the God who loves them and longs to bring them home.”

“Life is tough enough as it is. It’s even tougher when we’re headed in the wrong direction.”

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