TOP 21 Believe Quotes

Believe Quotes

Be inspired by these believe quotes. Share with others to encourage their belief in God. I believe God can give you the ultimate joy you seek, but you cannot receive it if you are not open to receive it. – Tiffany Hurd, 5 Keys to Living a Successful Life Just because you don’t believe in … Read more

When You Say

A Thought There are no hopeless situations when you put your full trust in God.  And, it goes without saying, there are no hopeless people in God’s eyes.  It is only in a persons eyes that we think about hopeless because we do not know what to do.  In these situations or with these people … Read more

Mother Walk By Faith Not by Sight

If you have ever felt discouraged, felt like your world is closing in on you then this book is one that may inspire you. Lynn Davis shares her own story, a story of financial pressures, and of family issues, but she also shares how she overcame the burdens of the stresses that come with life. … Read more

Give The Day

A Thought If you believe then you will know God is always with us.  But if no belief then you will not find him. Believe that God will help you, ask him for help and you will find he is there. As a Father, He doesn’t always give us what we ask but He knows what is best and … Read more

People Can

A Thought I know a woman who is always willing to help others. I know this woman will be in heaven because of her faith.  But, she is always complaining, she always has something negative to say. A perfect example of a person on their way to heaven, but not truly enjoying the journey of each day.  A … Read more

Those Who Do

A Thought When you look at the teachings of Jesus he teaches and talks about the Kingdom of Heaven often. . Do as many good deeds as you can, help others where you can, these are all treasures you are storing up for heaven! A Prayer Dear Father, Thank you for all the blessings in my life.  For my home, the … Read more