Mother Walk By Faith Not by Sight

Mother Walk By Faith Not by Sight
“God wants us to succeed. He loves us dearly. So much that He sacrificed the life of His son.” – Lynn Davis

If you have ever felt discouraged, felt like your world is closing in on you then this book is one that may inspire you. Lynn Davis shares her own story, a story of financial pressures, and of family issues, but she also shares how she overcame the burdens of the stresses that come with life.

Her faith in God, her daily walk with him, and her knowledge of His promises is evident in this book. It truly is a book that will inspire and encourage you. Also it will strengthen your faith even during challenging times.  Below are quotes from the book: MOTHER WALK BY FAITH NOT BY SIGHT: A Powerful True Testimony We would recommend the book especially for those who are facing life’s challenges.

“God instructs us to seek Godly counsel. Share your faith fight with someone who will give you inspiration and encouragement from scripture.”

“As the Word begins to root in our lives, it begins to break, open and then put pressure on the environment around us.”

“Often times we seek help from people when it’s God we should be seeking.”

“Fear is like a weed. If allowed, it will grow and choke out the power, sound mind and love that God has given you.”

“Our walk with God should be a magnet drawing others to the kingdom. Enticing them. Intriguing them. Making them ask questions about our faith and our God.”

“Only when you plant the Word of God in your heart and protect it, can you grow a harvest of His promises.”

“Trust God. Believe Him. And know as long as the earth remains so shall seed time and harvest time.”

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