Go To Heaven

Go To Heaven
“If you don’t go to church why would you want to go to heaven” – Seen on back of a truck

A Thought
When I first saw this quote on the back of a pick up truck it really made me think. Heaven, in my personal opinion, will be filled with millions of people all worshiping God.  Is that not what church is suppose to be, brothers and sisters who are there to worship and give glory to God?  There are many different types of churches, but there is only one God.  If you are attending a church or have attended a church where you do not feel a connection to God then switch churches.  Find a church where you can develop your relationship with God. You can practice for heaven tomorrow by attending church today.


A Prayer
Dear Father

Thank you for the freedom I have to attend church.  In some parts of the world people do not have such freedom, I thank you and pray for all those who are unable to worship you in a church.

My prayer is as stated in Acts 16:5, So the churches were strengthened in the faith and grew daily in numbers. I pray that our churches today will continue to grow and the people will grow in faith. And that areas of the world where churches are not allowed I pray that You will intervene and change the hearts or leadership of those not allowing people to worship you together in the congregation of a church.

And I pray for those who use to attend church but for whatever reason they stopped attending, open their hearts and bring them back into the community so they may be strengthened.

In Jesus name we pray.

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