Top 15 Bible Verses about Angels

Bible Verses about Angels

Be inspired by these quotes taken from the bible about angels. Bible Verses about Angels Don’t forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it! Hebrews 13:2 The Son of Man will send his angels, and they will remove from his Kingdom everything that causes sin and all … Read more

TOP 18 Quotes about Angels

Quotes about Angels

A compilation of Angel Quotes and inspiration about the Angelic Realm gathered by Melanie Beckler, from many different sources. Angels are spirit beings who are mentioned more than 250 times in both the Old Testament and the New Testament of the Bible.  – Mary C. Neal, MD, To Heaven and Back They care for, protect, … Read more

Look Up

A Thought Angels can we see them?  Have you ever felt their presence?  There is an old expression, “I had an angel in my shoulder”.  We use this expression when something bad could have happened but didn’t happen.  We know in the Bible angels played a significant role.  For example in the birth of Jesus – angels appears … Read more

Friends Are

A Thought We all have friends that we would consider an Angel.  When we think of Angels we think of someone who is always willing to help us, to protect us, and to love us.  A friend who is always there for us truly could be considered an angel.  We all need that one friend in our life.  But … Read more