Live Your

A Thought Oh what a gift life can be. If we are content with what we have and we have faith then we have all that we need. If we look with eyes to see the wonderment of the world we live in, nature and its amazing cycles. Every day of your life is a gift to be cherished, not to … Read more

God Wants Us

A Thought How many times do we try to solve our problems our own way without ever asking for God’s help. And, many times when we do this we fail. However if we put our complete trust in God and ask for his help he will. But the key here is trusting. Really trusting that God will help … Read more

A Choice

A Thought Do we really trust God? Is every time we worry about something a sign that our faith needs to be strengthen?  Rather than worry we should pray to God to help us in whatever situation we are facing. Give God your concerns, no problem is to big for him!   A Prayer Dear … Read more

For We Brought

A Thought What a powerful verse.  One that we all need to remember as we strive for worldly goods.  We can’t take them with us.  When I read this verse I am reminded of Jesus words, “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth. . . but store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, … Read more

How We Fit

A Thought Great quote by David Timms.  And to quote Dr. David Jeremiah, “It is the only fully inspired Book ever written. It is authoritative.” The Bible, written over  a period of some 1,500 years, (1450 B.C. to approximately 100 A.D.)  It contains 66 books, 39 in the Old Testament and 27 in the New Testament. It has … Read more

Mother Walk By Faith Not by Sight

If you have ever felt discouraged, felt like your world is closing in on you then this book is one that may inspire you. Lynn Davis shares her own story, a story of financial pressures, and of family issues, but she also shares how she overcame the burdens of the stresses that come with life. … Read more

Nothing Is An Accident

A Thought An interesting quote.  Do you believe in coincidences? I no longer do, all things happen for a reason.  And I truly believe that there is good in all that happens.  Our minds are to small to comprehend the plan of God.   A Prayer Dear Father, We thank you for working for the good in … Read more

Faith Is Not

A Thought You can not get faith by wishing for it or by hoping for it. You can not pray for faith. As Tom Fay states it is a reality. You either believe or you don’t believe. You may find yourself reading to find out more, questioning others to find answers, but deep down you really have to decide … Read more

Trust Him

A Thought How hard it is to trust when we have little faith. As our faith grows we find our trust grows.  And once you get to the point where you truly trust Jesus your life changes. When I read Psalm 37:3-5 below it reminds me that God has always wanted us to trust him. Trust in the Lord and … Read more

Faith Is The

A Thought Faith will change our lives. To have faith in God and fully trust him enables us to do more than we ever could have imagined. But without faith we rely on ourselves and while we may meet some success it is through our faith in God that success is truly achieved. And what … Read more