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Charles Swindoll Quotes

There is no counsel like God's counsel. No comfort like His comfort. No wisdom more profound than the wisdom of the Scriptures.

Acceptance is taking from God's hand absolutely anything He gives, looking into His face in trust and thanksgiving.

When we arrive at dilemmas in life and we are unable to decipher the right direction to go, if we hope to maintain our confidence in the process, we must (repeat must) allow the Lord to be our Guide, our Strength, our Wisdom - our all!

If God awarded us medals, as they do in the Olympics, love would win the gold, joy the silver, and peace the bronze.

God has not only created each of us as distinct individuals, He also uses us in significant ways.

Our minds can be kept free of anxiety as we dump the load of our cares on the Lord in prayer.

What is God looking for? He is looking for men and women whose hearts are completely His - completely.

God seems to reward us with good, delightful experiences when we move with joy through the less-than-delightful times.

Allow me to offer a simple definition of wisdom. Wisdom is looking at life from God's point of view.

The skeptic may deny your doctrine or attack your church but he cannot honestly ignore the fact that your life has been changed.

Any idol, regardless of its beauty or usefulness or original purpose, is to be set aside so that Christ might reign supreme, without a single competitor.

Good listeners believe they can learn something from everyone.

God has somehow placed into Christian's insides a special something, that extra inner reservoir of power that is more than a match for the stuff life throws at us.

Do you need strength? Peace? Wisdom? Direction? Discipline? Ask for it! God will hear you.

On tough days, you gotta have heart. Don't quit, whatever you do. Persevere.

God also allows suffering so that we might learn what it means to depend on Him, not on our own strength and resources.

It is a pity that many Christians have the TV schedule better memorized than a single chapter for God's precious Word.

That's what this thing called Christian life is all about, isn't it. Going . . . yet not knowing. As followers of our Lord we believe He leads us in a certain direction . . . or in pursuit of a precise goal.

When it seems like that's all there is, remember all you have in Him.

Worry and faith just don't mix.

The beautiful thing about encouragement is that anybody can do it.

People are far more important than rigid rules and demanding expectations.

Our problem is not needing to know the truth about tomorrow; it's needing to live the truth we know today.

When Christ becomes our central focus, contentment replaces our anxiety as well as our fears and insecurities.

Life's most challenging opportunities are often brilliantly disguised as unsolvable problems.

Charles Swindoll

October 18, 1934

An American Christian Pastor, and Author. He is the founder of Insight for Living. HIs broadcasts and his books have inspired millions worldwide. You can find a listing to his many books here.



"Wisdom says, do all you can within your strength, then trust God to do what you cannot do." Charles Swindoll




"When it comes to faith, there is no substitute for the real thing." Charles Swindoll


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